myNetMon 2.0

myNetMon 2.0: myNetMon, Network Monitor and Packet Analyzing Tool (V.2.0) myNetMon, Network Monitor and Packet Analyzing Tool (V.2.0) myNetMon is windows based network monitor and packet analyzing (sniffer) tool. Features: * Physicial (Ethernet), * ARP, RARP, IPX, IPV4-6, * Displaying ICMP, UDP, TCP ... packets according to their features, * Displaying packets in hexadecimal form,

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Free Edition 8.6: Event Log Management, Syslog Monitoring and IT Compliance Software for SIEM
ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Free Edition 8.6

analyzing, searching, reporting, and archiving from one central location. This event log analyzer software helps to mitigate internal threats, monitor file integrity, conduct log forensics analysis, monitor privileged users and comply to different compliance regulatory bodies by intelligently analyzing your logs and instantly generating a variety of reports like user activity reports, regulatory compliance reports, historical trend reports, and more

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CSDiff 5.0: ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) -  Free file-difference analysis tool
CSDiff 5.0

ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) is a free, advanced file-difference analysis tool for Microsoft Windows. CSDiff is a great asset to anyone in need of analyzing changes which have been made between two revisions of the same file or folder. CSDiff is commonly used when analyzing program source files, HTML documents and MS-Word documents.

visual compare, programming tools, program problem tracking, revision control system, software, source change control, version control, inexpensive case tool, ms word difference analysis, configuration, management, visual difference analysis

docBird CrossReferencer 1.3.3: Identify similar references between your data tables.
docBird CrossReferencer 1.3.3

docBird CrossReferencer allows you to automatically find similar references between two data tables. This tool is ideal for analyzing large volumes of data and for analyzing information that you frequently use: customer records, product catalogs, lists of bills, classification tables, etc ... Tasks that seemed binding and even impossible before, will now be handled in a few clicks with docBird CrossReferencer.

compare, mapping, search, cross, file, document, look, email, reference, mass, correspondence, master, data

Paraben`s Registry Analyzer 1.0: Windows registry analysis & reporting.
Paraben`s Registry Analyzer 1.0

Windows registry files can have thousands upon thousands of entries. Viewing, analyzing, and reporting on these files can be a daunting task. Registry Analyzer is a comprehensive computer forensic analysis tool for analyzing Windows registry entries. FEATURES: Compatible with Paraben`s P2 Examination Technology. Hash value verification: MD5, MD4, & SHA1. Load multiple registries. Bookmarking. Advanced searching options. Reporting & more.

registry, forensic, computer, analyzer, analysis

Paessler Site Inspector Analyze and dissect webpages using Site Inspector; from within IE or Firefox.
Paessler Site Inspector

analyzing and debugging web sites easy. The analysis features can be accessed from within the Analyzing Browser as well, with convenient toolbars that Site Inspector adds to Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox browser. Whenever you access a web page using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Site Inspector`s browser, you will find a wealth of analysis functions in the toolbars and menus. For example: For any given URL, users can access lists of the

cross browser, mozilla, web authoring, browser, browser tool, paessler site inspector, internet explorer, analysis, gecko, extensions, webpage, html, firefox

Site Statistics 2.1: A professional Web analytics solution for analyzing Web resource activity
Site Statistics 2.1

analyzing Web resource activity. Statistics analysis is a vital part of a normal site promotion process. A highly visited Web site can help businesses make decisions faster and improve their marketing ROI. There are two ways of analyzing site statistics - online counters and log analyzers. The program comprises the best features of both and provides a set of additional tools for Web site optimization. The software is designed for getting in-depth

statistics analysis, log analyzer, site promotion, site optimization, site statistics, website counter

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